Kristi Mogen, PRBC, SD

Kristi Morgan’s home was near an “oil well” that blew out in 2012, giving her the first warning of what was to come with the new deep shale horizontal drilling. Her family, neighbors, livestock, vegetation and air quality all suffered as a result of the drilling. Her husband was diagnosed with endocrine disruption, her daughters had bloody noses and coughs and everyone in the family suffered from fatigue.For two straight years her calves were born with neural tube defects and one was born with a tumor. As a result of her family’s health conditions caused by the oil and gas industry, Kristi moved her family of shale oil country in November of 2014. Since then, she has worked tirelessly to help bring awareness to the health, social, financial, environmental, and quality of life issues facing people who live in or around fracking fields.

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