Santa Fe New Mexican: Tough methane regulations protect planet, people

It’s impossible to know just how much damage will be done to the land, water and air over the next few years, all in the name of deregulation, improving the business climate or creating jobs. But make no mistake, damage is being done.

USA Today: As Hurricane Florence creeps in, Trump seeks stormy deregulation

Climate change is juicing natural disasters, so why ease drilling restrictions and allow even more heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere?

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New York Daily News: Foul air in Washington: Trump’s EPA lets methane leaks loose

If carbon dioxide from tailpipes and power plants is public enemy No. 1 in the war on climate change, then stinky methane, each ton with the global-warming power of 25 tons of CO2, ranks high on the most-wanted list.

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Billings Gazette Op-ed: Don’t allow methane waste

It has come to my attention that Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler and their federal agencies are helping ensure that the oil and gas industry can continue to carelessly leak millions of tons of methane pollution and chemicals into our air.

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