Houston Chronicle: An EPA policy so harmful, even big oil opposes it

Recently, a group called Texans for Natural Gas took the city of Houston to task for not including its namesake fuel in a proposed climate action plan. ‘No climate plan for Houston can be considered legitimate unless it utilizes an abundant, clean burning, and Texas made fuel like natural gas,’ the group’s online petition reads. It’s true that when used to fuel power plants, gas produces about half the carbon dioxide than coal, which is why using it as a bridge to transition more fully to renewable energy sources makes sense. Texas has enjoyed a boom in the production of natural gas thanks to hydraulic fracturing and horizontal-drilling technologies. But natural gas has an Achilles’ heel that must be addressed if the industry wants to be considered a viable part of any climate change strategy: methane emissions.

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The News Herald Op-ed: Trump’s EPA keeps trashing the planet

In the face of any serious and growing problem, three options are available: You can do more to solve it. You could do the same things you’ve been doing. Or you could do things to make it worse.

When it comes to combating climate change, the Trump administration cannot be accused of foot-dragging. The problem is that it is marching briskly in the worst possible direction.

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Bloomberg Op-ed: Why Companies Reject Trump’s Deregulation Theology

Here is a puzzle about some of the Donald Trump administration’s most prominent deregulatory efforts: The very companies that are supposed to benefit from those efforts do not welcome them. In some cases, they strenuously oppose them.

Chicago Sun Times Op-ed: Trump in denial of climate change

Last month was the hottest month is recorded history.

Catastrophic climate change is already costing tens of billions in damage, displacing more and more people, causing more and more casualties from California fires to the increasing force of hurricanes, the spread of desert and drought.

It is real, accelerating and poses what literally is an existential threat.

And the commander-in-chief of the most powerful nation in the world remains in denial.

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