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2017 and Earlier

Permitted to Pollute: How Oil & Gas Operators and Regulators Exploit Clean Air Protections and Put the Public at Risk

Permitted to Pollute is an unprecedented study of how state regulatory oversight of oil and gas operations, authorized by the Clean Air Act to protect air quality and public health, in some cases actually undermines both.

PSR Health Report-Too Dirty, Too Dangerous

There are compelling reasons to question the use of natural gas (methane), given the risks it poses to human health. This report summarizes recent scientific findings that document methane’s implications for health

Will Trump era undo Utah air quality progress?-Salt Lake Tribune

Meanwhile, Rep. Rob Bishop sees deregulatory opportunity in the U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s rule on methane escaping from oil and gas operations. The Obama BLM recently put out rules to require operators to trap more methane, a change that not only cleans up the air but also gives operators more natural gas to sell. But Bishop wants Congress to rescind the methane rule, something he’s betting a Trump BLM won’t challenge.

When Rules No Longer Apply-New York Times

Mr. Trump won the presidency, in part, by promising to hold powerful interests accountable for practices that harm the public. But nullifying final rules — which went through a long, public process on the way to being issued — elevates corporate interests above all others

Just because the GOP can doesn’t mean it should-Washington Post

Congress’s moves would be less concerning except for one of the most powerful provisions in the Congressional Review Act: a stipulation that, once lawmakers have rescinded a rule, federal agencies cannot issue a new one “substantially” like it. This legal standard has not been tested in court. But it means that Congress may be essentially barring agencies such as the Interior Department from revisiting issues such as methane pollution on federal lands in a rigorous way. That is not a legacy the 115th Congress should be seeking.

Government Officials Sign On Letters (2017 or Earlier)

Support for BLM Methane Rule

EPA should regulate new and existing sources of methane 

Support for EPA methane rule

Ask to enact methane rules


Environmental Group Sign On Letters (2017 or Earlier)

Opposition to EPA Stay of NSPS Rules

Letter on Information Collection Request

Support for Proposed BLM Rule

Support for EPA Methane Rule

Ask to Enact Methane Rules

Diverse Voices Sign On Letters (2017 or Earlier)

Support for Proposed BLM Methane Rule

Regulate New and Existing Sources

Support for EPA Methane Rule

Ask to Enact Methane Rules

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