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Farmington Daily-Times Op-ed: Cutting methane is smart business for New Mexico’s economy

New Mexico has a real and growing problem with methane waste from oil and gas production that Governor Lujan Grisham is right to address. Leaks, venting and flaring from the tens of thousands of wells across New Mexico and in the Farmington area amount to hundreds of millions of dollars a year in lost profit and tens of millions more of lost revenue to the state.

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Pennsylvania Capital-Star Op-ed: Pennsylvania needs cap-and-trade. Here’s how to do that.

Pennsylvania stands at a historic crossroads. When state lawmakers return to session in mid-March, they’ll face several critical environmental policy decisions.

There’s a bill to bail out the nuclear industry, a proposed rule to reduce air pollution from existing oil and gas facilities, and a petition to adopt an economy-wide cap-and-trade program on carbon emissions, among others.

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Santa Fe New Mexican: National leadership on methane policy is critical

Common sense prevailed earlier this month when Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed the strongest climate executive orders in the nation, calling on the state’s agencies to quickly develop comprehensive statewide methane regulations to cut energy waste from the oil and gas industry and improve air quality.

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Scientific American Op-ed: Fixing Regulatory Pitfalls Could Reduce Methane Emissions

Methane has long been recognized as a potent greenhouse gas, but preventing its escape from industrial facilities has only recently become a prominent goal. The oil and gas industry, for example, is a large emitter, and research (including some by scientists at the Environmental Defense Fund) has documented that far more methane seeps out of wells, pipelines, valves and other points in the supply chain than energy companies and official emissions inventories report.

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Albuquerque Journal Op-ed: Strong rules on methane will help New Mexico

When newly elected Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham set out on the campaign trail, one of her promises to the citizens of New Mexico was to begin to hold the oil and gas industry across the state accountable for its contributions to air pollution and climate change. Less than a month into her administration and the governor has followed through on this ambitious campaign promise.

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Albuquerque Journal Op-ed: State needs sensible methane rules

There’s a lot on the table as New Mexico moves into a new legislative session under the helm of our new governor, including several issues related to oil and gas. State leaders will be looking at ways to address climate change and the impacts on our state as well as reducing air pollution and waste of taxpayer resources through the venting and flaring of methane.

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Santa Fe New Mexican Op-ed: Thanks to governor for battling climate change

In an exciting stroke of the pen, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham announced that New Mexico will join the U.S. Climate Alliance, adding New Mexico to the growing list of states pledging to embrace the necessary and ambitious goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement (“On climate, Lujan Grisham starts to deliver,” Our View, Jan. 31). Surrounded by environmental advocates, young people from the Santa Fe-based Global Warming Express, and heads of state agencies, we were honored to stand near the governor as she specifically named methane capture as a focal point in the state’s effort to combat climate change.

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Christian Post Op-ed: Limiting pollution is an evangelical value

Evangelicals are famous (perhaps even infamous) for our passionate convictions. Our commitment to the authority of scripture, our defense of the sanctity of life, and our eagerness to share the good news of the gospel are all well-known.

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Las Vegas Sun Op-ed: Excess methane represents a real danger to Nevadans

Our government has a moral obligation to listen to voters and make decisions that protect the health of our communities. And when our government changes rules, it should have the interest of its taxpayers and citizens at heart.

CNN Op-ed: EPA nominee Andrew Wheeler is even worse than Scott Pruitt

When Scott Pruitt stepped down as the Environmental Protection Agency administrator and his deputy Andrew Wheeler took over as acting administrator, many of us in the science advocacy community thought that it couldn’t get worse. We hoped that Wheeler would listen to his agency’s scientists and alter Pruitt’s misguided policies of eliminating science-based policies and rolling back lifesaving climate and public health protections.

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