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Toledo Blade: Ohio’s oil and gas industry must cut methane pollution

Ohio’s oil and natural gas producers reported spewing more than 13,000 metric tons of industrial methane pollution and toxic chemicals into the air in 2014. These nonstop leaks, invisible to the naked eye, had the same climate impact as driving 70,000 cars for a year.

There are many types of polluting oil and gas equipment aside from wells: tanks, pumps, compressor stations, pipelines. These sources emit not just methane but also more-harmful substances, such as benzene. Emissions of other chemicals form ozone smog, which can trigger deadly asthma attacks in children and old people.

Wall Street Journal: Fixing the Methane Leak that Deflate Natural-Gas Gains

But a national problem needs a national solution. The federal government could require systematic leak detection and repair at facilities like Aliso Canyon, but so far it hasn’t taken that step. The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed methane emission standards for new or heavily modified facilities, but the plan does nothing to curb emissions from existing wells and infrastructure that are the source of the problem today. The federal Transportation Department, which has jurisdiction over some facilities, is only now beginning to act.

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