San Antonio Express-News:Railroad Commission should embrace EPA methane rules

Finally, the RRC supports enhanced development and economic vitality for the benefit of Texans. In the last election, the commissioners took in more than $2 million in campaign contributions from the oil and gas industry — the same industry they are charged with regulating. By suing EPA over beneficial, cost-effective methane regulations, it’s hard to see how the commissioners believe in economic vitality for the benefit of all Texans. It does seem clear they support the enhanced economic vitality of the industry and their own campaign coffers.

The Hill op-ed: Capturing methane: turning environmental costs into revenues

For companies motivated to be proactive, we recommend focusing on fixing the leaks from the wells that leak the most methane.  We would also strive for early compliance, that is comply with the rules at a faster pace than required by the new rules.  By capturing the methane revenue earlier in time the economic return from compliance will increase along with corporate social responsibility – both of which can attract investors.

Medidas estrictas buscan proteger salud de Californianos

La contaminación por metano: un enemigo que debemos combatir

Afortunadamente, el proceso está en marcha y tenemos, como comunidad, la oportunidad de incidir en las reglas finales a las que la industria de petróleo y de gas deberán apegarse. Nuestras comunidades tendrán oportunidad de hacer escuchar su voz a través del periodo de recepción de comentarios públicos que CARB ha abierto hasta finales de Julio.

Este es el momento para que nos organicemos para que como individuos, organizaciones debase, y comunitarios participemos en este proceso y exijamos a los gobernantes del estado que no ignoren a nuestras comunidades, y que establezcan reglas estrictas que protejan la salud y bienestar de nuestras familias.

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Boulder Daily Camera-Cracking down on oil and gas and investing in renewables Land commissioner should back measures to end natural gas waste

Wasting our natural resources goes against what we teach our kids. Hunters and anglers use all of what we kill or catch, and we feel the same about our natural resources – including taxpayer-owned natural gas resources on our public lands.


Albuquerque Journal: Cut natural gas waste to aid our state

As a former State Land Commissioner, I understand how important maximizing natural resource revenue is to New Mexico’s schools. New Mexico’s state lands are managed by the commissioner as a public trust to support our public school system. That’s why I can’t understand why the current commissioner, Aubrey Dunn, is opposing efforts to reduce natural gas waste in New Mexico – efforts that will generate more money for our schools when they need it most. The facts simply do not support Dunn’s opposition to sensible waste reduction rules from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

Denver Post: EPA’s methane rules are a good first step

In fact, Colorado’s experience suggests the EPA could have gone further, since this state’s methane rules are stronger in two respects. First, Colorado’s rules affect both new and existing facilities (EPA plans to address existing facilities in future rule-making). Second, the state has a tiered system in which most wells are inspected quarterly with some as often as once a month, depending on how much they produce.