Economist: Natural-Gas’s-Reputation As A Cleaner Fuel Than Coal And Oil Risks Being Sullied By-Methane Emissions

“Oil and gas producers acknowledge it is in their interest to curb leaks; it gives them more natural gas to sell. They say they are stepping up monitoring efforts, and have increased the use of “green completions” at shale wells to capture methane emitted at the end of the fracking process, rather than flaring it at the well head.”

Colorado Case Study on Methane Emissions: Conversations with the Oil and Gas Industry

New research on oil and gas industry compliance with methane emissions regulations released today by the Center for Methane Emissions Solutions (CMES) reveals that oil and gas industry representatives in Colorado feel that Colorado’s Regulation 7 is effective and that its benefits outweigh its costs.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:Party of three: The U.S.-Canada-Mexico meet-up is all smiles

Canada, Mexico and the U.S. agreed to reduce the escape of oil and gas-generated methane by 45 percent by 2025. They also pledged that half of their energy would be generated from clean sources and to phase out government fossil fuel subsidies by 2025.