Oil & Gas Pollution’s Impacts on Texas Families

EPA’s New Source methane pollution standards apply to 7,400 “new and modified” oil and gas wells across the state of Texas; in order to reduce toxic emissions and comply with the EPA’s standards, “new and modified” facilities are required to install pollution control equipment when they are first built or when an older facility is modified and to regularly inspect and fix leaky equipment.

Now, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is attempting to suspend these common sense leak detection and repair requirements at the behest of the oil and gas lobby. If these safeguards are suspended, or even worse repealed, families and children in Texas will undoubtedly face an ever-growing public health crisis from unchecked pollution in their communities, near schools, churches, and neighborhoods.

Arizona Republic Op-ed: Keeping methane regulations is a win for our health, security

Smart business leaders know that wasting resources is bad for your bottom line and the American
economy as a whole.

That is why we were so pleased when in mid-May, the U.S. Senate — including Arizona’s Sen. John McCain — stood up for good public policy and new American businesses by voting against a bill that would have rolled back the Bureau of Land Management’s
Methane Waste Rule.

The measure, which failed 51-49, would have led to the continued waste of hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of taxpayer-owned energy resources.