Washington Post Op-ed: The practically cost-free way to slow global warming that Trump won’t adopt

WHAT IF there were a way to slash planet-warming greenhouse-gas emissions at little to no net cost? Opportunities such as these exist because knowledge about them has emerged gradually and the government has failed to require the simple changes needed. An example is curbing methane emissions from the nation’s booming natural gas industry. A new study in the journal Science suggests that the industry can easily do much better, driving immediate emissions benefits while extracting and transporting a fossil fuel that, if handled correctly, is substantially cleaner than coal.

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Las Cruces Sun News Op-ed: Rollback of methane rule wastes millions for NM

I’ve had the honor of working for fiscal conservatives like the late Senator Pete Domenici — budget hawks that put the wise management of our resources above special-interest politics. That’s why I know there is nothing conservative about the waste of millions of dollars every year in New Mexico revenue due to leaked, vented and flared methane from the oil and gas industry.

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PennLive Op-ed: Wolf deserves thanks for methane standards protecting our common home

Last Saturday, Pope Francis met with energy industry executives from around the world to talk about climate change and ask one of the most pressing questions of our time — “Will we turn the corner in time?”

One day earlier, Gov. Tom Wolf took bold action that moves Pennsylvania one step closer to turning that corner and ensuring a healthy environment for future generations of the Commonwealth.

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Synthesis Study

Science released a study from the Environmental Defense Fund that finds that the U.S. oil and gas industry emits 13 million metric tons of methane from its operations each year—nearly 60 percent more than currently estimated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The higher overall methane leak rate underscores a growing business and environmental challenge for natural gas in an increasingly competitive, lower-carbon economy. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas, with more than 80 times the climate warming impact of carbon dioxide over a 20-year timespan. It is also the main ingredient in natural gas.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Op-ed: Efforts to curb methane pollution from future sources are good news

Laura Legere’s article outlining Gov. Tom Wolf’s finalized efforts to curb methane pollution from future sources of oil and gas operations is great news for families (June 8, “Pa. Gets New Shale Gas Well Standards”). While safeguards from air pollution are under attack at the federal level, moms across Pennsylvania, including those directly impacted by oil and gas development, like me, strongly support the governor and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection in this action.

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Arizona Capitol Times Op-ed: Proposal to gut methane rule harmful to Arizona, Latino communities

The oil and gas industry doesn’t have nearly the same footprint within Arizona as it does elsewhere, but the Grand Canyon State is definitely dealing with the impact from its larger- producing neighbors.

In 2014, NASA discovered that oil and gas operations were largely responsible for a methane cloud the size of Delaware hovering over the Four Corners region. Although there is little oil and gas production in the state, Arizonans are stuck dealing with the pollution and health factors being produced next door.

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Albuquerque Journal Op-ed: Health hazards of methane necessitate rule

I would like to issue our elected officials a challenge — let’s stop treating the health of Americans and the quality of our natural environment as partisan challenges and instead embrace them as moral obligations.

New Mexico is a state with a wide variety of natural resources, but we need to acknowledge that we are facing a serious problem with natural gas waste. Methane is a colorless, odorless and invisible component of natural gas, which is released into the air through oil and gas industry practices such as venting and burning off through flaring or simply through loss caused by leaky equipment. Methane isn’t harmless – it can trigger life-threatening asthma attacks, worsen respiratory conditions and cause cancer.

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Las Vegas Sun Op-ed: The will of U.S. citizens is being undermined

Environmental protections and regulations, like the Bureau of Land Management’s Methane and Waste Prevention Rule, address real issues affecting the health and prosperity of Americans and our environment. Americans are put at risk when elected officials fail to look past party lines and see the necessity of the rule, which seeks to curb natural gas waste by requiring oil and gas developers drilling on public lands to use the most up-to-date technology to capture wasted natural gas that is either released into the atmosphere or burnt off, and repair leaks from equipment.

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Minot Daily News Op-ed: Gutting BLM methane rule hurts ND taxpayers

Every year millions of taxpayer dollars are lost on wasted natural gas in North Dakota and other western states. With the country facing increasing debt and growing deficits this is no time to give away billions of dollars to profitable businesses.

The Department of the Interior administers mineral leasing on 245 million acres of public lands, including almost 60,000 acres in North Dakota. Under the agency’s oversight, oil and gas operators have been flaring, venting, and leaking billions of cubic feet of taxpayer-owned natural gas from federal lands every year. This gas doesn’t get to consumers, and doesn’t generate revenue for taxpayers — it literally goes up in smoke.

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