The Hill Op-ed: Oil and gas industry must oppose Trump methane rollback

Some of the world’s largest oil and gas companies have successfully lobbied the Trump administration to weaken Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) safeguards that protect communities and the climate from methane and associated air pollution released by oil and gas production.

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The Hill Op-ed: Trump rollbacks causing premature deaths should not be celebrated

Imagine that the U.S. government decided to abolish all airline safety regulations and toxic waste disposal rules. The White House could issue a press release, touting billions of dollars in compliance cost savings for regulated companies. But few would be fooled by cost statistics that ignored the very purpose of those regulations, which benefit society enormously by helping avoid tragic plane crashes and toxic hazards.

The Trump administration is currently trying to pull a very similar ruse, promoting its ongoing evisceration of health, environmental, and consumer safeguards by celebrating cost reductions, while deliberately ignoring and concealing the great harms it is inflicting on American communities.

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Op-ed: What Trump’s EPA chief won’t tell you at tomorrow’s shale conference

Tomorrow, Andrew Wheeler, the acting head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under President Trump, will address a crowd of oil and gas enthusiasts at the annual Shale Insight conference in Pittsburgh.

This is not the first Mr. Wheeler, who was a coal lobbyist before he took the helm at the EPA, has rubbed elbows with some of the biggest names in the oil and gas industry. In July, as part of his first order of business, he met with and toured a facility belonging to Range Resources — the largest oil and gas operator in Pennsylvania — where he touted the industry’s positive impact on the economy.

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Pittsburgh Tribune Review: Pennsylvanians speak out against energy pollution

It’s time to clear the air. A new health report has uncovered hazy facts about pollution in Pennsylvania and across the country.

The report, Face to Face with Oil and Gas: Voices from the Front Lines of Oil and Gas Pollution , conducted released by the Moms Clean Air Force, details alarming facts about the impacts of oil and gas pollution across the country.

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The Colorado Sun Op-ed: The Interior Department is hurting Colorado’s air quality

The U.S. Department of Interior recently finalized rollbacks to the Bureau of Land Management Methane and Waste Prevention Rule. The rule effectively reduces the waste of energy resources on federal and tribal lands, ensures a fair return to local governments and American taxpayers and mitigates air pollution. To gut the rule, as Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has done, not only defies common sense, but also ignores the thousands of American citizens and stakeholders who supported the rule’s development and have fought for it to be kept in place.

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Morning Consult Op-ed: Methane Rollbacks Mean More Waste, Less Revenue and More Pollution

American energy is thriving. This year, the United States became the world’s leading producer of both oil and natural gas. However, the United States is now a laggard when it comes to ensuring we develop our energy resources responsibly and avoid waste.

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