Christian Post Op-ed: Limiting pollution is an evangelical value

Evangelicals are famous (perhaps even infamous) for our passionate convictions. Our commitment to the authority of scripture, our defense of the sanctity of life, and our eagerness to share the good news of the gospel are all well-known.

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Las Vegas Sun Op-ed: Excess methane represents a real danger to Nevadans

Our government has a moral obligation to listen to voters and make decisions that protect the health of our communities. And when our government changes rules, it should have the interest of its taxpayers and citizens at heart.

CNN Op-ed: EPA nominee Andrew Wheeler is even worse than Scott Pruitt

When Scott Pruitt stepped down as the Environmental Protection Agency administrator and his deputy Andrew Wheeler took over as acting administrator, many of us in the science advocacy community thought that it couldn’t get worse. We hoped that Wheeler would listen to his agency’s scientists and alter Pruitt’s misguided policies of eliminating science-based policies and rolling back lifesaving climate and public health protections.

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