San Antonio Express-News: Court blocks Trump on methane

One promising hallmark of President Donald Trump’s tenure has been the ability of federal courts to check his administration’s impulsive actions.

A recent appeals court ruling on methane emissions is an important example. By a 2-1 margin, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit struck down the Environmental Protection Agency’s 90-day suspension of new methane emissions standards for oil and gas wells.

Denver Business Journal Op-ed: Strengthen Colorado’s air quality, preserve the economy

While Colorado has made huge strides in recent years to maintain a strong economy and strong environmental protections, air quality remains a challenge across the Front Range. From Fort Collins to Highlands Ranch, we still fail to meet national clean air standards.

Clean air is a nonnegotiable for Coloradans. Without it, we cannot enjoy our beautiful blue skies and our quality of life is degraded.

At current levels, the ozone (smog) in the Front Range poses a significant health risk to children and seniors – especially those with asthma or other respiratory problems. In Colorado, more than 30,000 childhood asthma attacks are attributable to our current ozone levels.

Santa Fe New Mexican Op-ed: Control of fugitive methane essential to health

I am a resident of Aztec, N.M. My family homesteaded here in the early 1900s — we’ve been farmers, ranchers and oil and gas workers. We are well-acquainted with the numerous gas wells in our city’s limits. Twenty-five of them are within a mile radius of my house. Twelve of those wells have directly impacted me, my family and hundreds of our close neighbors for decades. It is hard to understand how the Environmental Protection Agency and the Bureau of Land Management can justify staying their methane rules.

My family and I “exist” under the Four Corners methane hot spot, which research has found to be mainly emitted from the 40,000 oil and gas wells and facilities in our area. The high level of ground-level ozone smog is extremely hazardous to our health. According to the state Department of Health, our children and the elderly have high incidences of asthma, respiratory disease, cancer and cardiac disease.

My daughter has serious asthma. She fights for every breath when she has an asthma attack. My first husband worked in the natural gas industry for over 20 years. He died of a massive heart attack at the age of 44 in 1989. Many of the men who worked with him have died from lung disease and cancer. Perhaps they are “collateral damage” victims of the fossil fuel industry.

Huffington Post Op-ed: For The Health Of Latino Families, The EPA Methane Rule Must Stay In Place

Public comments for the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed two-year suspension of the Methane Rule are closing today—and the Agency may move ahead in suspending the rule in the coming weeks. If you haven’t been following this issue closely, allow me to catch you up.

From day one, the Trump Administration has worked to roll back or altogether block a number of rules and laws intended to protect the air we breathe, the water we drink, and to protect the planet we live on for generations to come. Unfortunately, while EPA’s mission is to protect human health and the environment, the agency’s new administrator, Scott Pruitt, is building a record of prioritizing corporate polluters over American lives. Do not just take my word for it: When Administrator Pruitt proposed this delay, EPA career staff raised concerns acknowledging such a delay would hurt children’s health.

Arizona Republic Op-ed: Keeping methane regulations is a win for our health, security

Smart business leaders know that wasting resources is bad for your bottom line and the American
economy as a whole.

That is why we were so pleased when in mid-May, the U.S. Senate — including Arizona’s Sen. John McCain — stood up for good public policy and new American businesses by voting against a bill that would have rolled back the Bureau of Land Management’s
Methane Waste Rule.

The measure, which failed 51-49, would have led to the continued waste of hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of taxpayer-owned energy resources.

Business Leaders Sign On Letters (2017 or Earlier)

Support for Proposed BLM Rule

Regulate New and Existing Sources

Support for EPA Methane Rule

Ask to Enact Methane Rules

General Need to Cut Methane

Contaminación de metano generada por el petróleo y el gas en números

Los Estándares finales de Desempeño de Nuevas Fuentes están proyectados para reducir emisiones de metano en 510,000 toneladas cortas al año (equivalente a 460,000 toneladas métricas), para 2025.

Para 2025, estas reducciones de metano tendrán los mismos beneficios climáticos de 20 años como:

  • Quemar 11 plantas de energía menos de carbón cada año
  • Quitar de las calles a 8.5 millones de autos cada año


Muchos Latinos viven cerca de instalaciones de petróleo y gas

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Debemos proteger a nuestros niños

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Latinos y el asma

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