State and local voices

Roy Houseman, United Steelworkers, DC

Prior to joining the USW Legislative Department in DC, Roy served as Ward 2 Councilman in Missoula, MT and president of USW Local 885 as a machine operator at the Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation.

Kirk Bowers, Virginia Chapter, Sierra Club, VA

Kirk Bowers is the Pipelines Campaign Manager, Virginia Chapter, Sierra Club. He is a retired Civil Engineer who came out of retirement to organize and lead the opposition to the proposed natural gas pipelines in Virginia.

Aldene Cleanthes, Moms Clean Air Force, VA

Alden Cleanthes is a business owner and graduate of ODU and has deep roots in Hampton Roads. She currently serves on 3 committees for the City of Chesapeake. She is first and foremost, the mom of an awesome 3 year old, who is all boy…and deserves a healthy world to play in.

Kylee Mogen, PRBC, SD

Kylee Morgan is a survivor of the fracking fields. She talks with people about what happened in those fracking fields and how her life, as well as the life of her family, changed after the first oil well blowout in 2012. Kylee is planning on pursuing a career in preserving our natural resources and fighting for social justice.

Kristi Mogen, PRBC, SD

Kristi Morgan’s home was near an “oil well” that blew out in 2012, giving her the first warning of what was to come with the new deep shale horizontal drilling. Her family, neighbors, livestock, vegetation and air quality all suffered as a result of the drilling. Her husband was diagnosed with endocrine disruption, her daughters had bloody noses and coughs and everyone in the family suffered from fatigue. (more…)

Dr. Evelyn Talbott, University of Pittsburgh, PA

Evelyn O. Talbott, Dr. P.H., M.P.H. is a Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Pittsburgh, Graduate School of Public Health in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is an environmental epidemiologist with over 25 years of experience and is currently Principal Investigator of the University of Pittsburgh, Academic Partner for Excellence in Environmental Public Health Tracking. The center is part of an 8 year CDC funded project and has as its primary goals to conduct activities that will assist in forming the basis of the CDC Environmental Public Health Tracking Network (EPHTN). (more…)

Elaine Labalme, PennFuture, PA

Elaine Labalme became the strategic campaigns director for PennFuture in May 2015. She focuses on campaigns to reduce carbon and methane pollution, the twin climate killers, as she promotes a clean energy future. In her previous role of communications director, she oversaw media relations as well as social media, including blogs that span the organization’s many practice areas such as clean energy, climate change, and land, air and water issues and was involved in all aspects of PennFuture’s communications strategy. (more…)

Matt Walker, Community Outreach Director, Clean Air Council, PA

Matt Walker is the Community Outreach Director at Clean Air Council, headquartered in Philadelphia. Walker holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Planning from Virginia Tech. His work experience has focused on engaging communities in decisions that impact the environment and implementing campaigns to protect air quality and public health. As Clean Air Council’s Community Outreach Director, Walker currently runs campaigns and manages the organization’s outreach and education staff on a variety of campaigns. He has provided ongoing support, including educational workshops and organizing trainings, for dozens of communities near natural gas drilling and infrastructure.

Dr. Marsha Haley, MCAF, UPMC, PA

Dr. Marsha Haley is a Radiation Oncologist and Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute. She has a special research interest in the public health effects of unconventional gas extraction. Marsha also belongs to the Consortium for Health and Energy Research, a group of academics and researchers who work with energy companies to develop and validate new knowledge and technology to improve recovery efficiency and minimize environmental implications of unconventional resource development. She lives in Butler County, PA, a heavily fracked area

Lois Bower-Bjornson, Impacted Community Member, PA

Lois Bower-Bjornson is the mother of three boys and a girl. She owns and operates two micro business; a residential cleaning company and B&B Performing Arts Center where she teaches dance.Lois has been involved with the arts since the age of 10, both performing and teaching professionally. Her work and intrust with the environment started when she got involved with STOP the towers, grass roots organization that helped to stop 5,000 kilovolt towers from being built in South Western PA. There she was able to meet people in the gas industry who first gave her knowledge of the fracking industry and its dangers. Lois is committed to doing what she can to continue helping people gain the needed knowledge for a positive outlook for future generations to come.

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