Federal Greenhouse Gas Policy in the New Administration

Clean Air Council, Clean Air Task Force, EarthJustice, and Earthworks all work to reduce greenhouse gas pollution by supporting federal emissions limits for fossil fuel infrastructure. Policy experts from each organization discussed their priorities for addressing climate change in the upcoming 117th Congress in a webinar in December of 2020. _______________________________________________________________________

Residents React to Emerging Natural Gas Policy

From Washington County to Delaware County, the natural gas industry is having major effects on public health in Pennsylvania. Panel participants discussed everything from the economics of living in a fracked community to the multiple lifecycle waste issues involved in the natural gas industry, from the attempted treatment of fracking waste to the influence that fossil fuel extraction has on the plastics industry.


Stop Natural Gas Waste on Public Lands

In places like the Bakken, Powder River Basin, and the Four Corners, the landscape is illuminated by plumes of flame as oil wells on public lands “flare” natural gas into the atmosphere. Taxpayers throughout the West are getting a raw deal from the oil companies that are burning off millions of dollars in energy into the atmosphere, and it’s time for leaders in Washington to do something about it.


Hold Your Breath: Fracking and Clean Air Don’t Mix

IS IT CLEAN? This video examines the impact of oil and gas development on the health of people living it. Using a FLIR (infrared) camera designed to detect normally invisible, sometimes toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs), mother and activist and FLIR-certified-technician Sharon Wilson went on a road trip to document pollution at oil and gas operations — and its human cost.



The Environmental Protection Agency needs to set strong public health and environmental protections that cut methane pollution from oil and gas operations, from the well pad to distribution. This invisible pollution is harming our health, fueling global warming and wasting billions of dollars of natural gas every year.


Kids Shouldn’t Have to Breathe Dirty Air

9 million tons of invisible, harmful industrial pollution like methane, benzene and other toxics leak into our air every year – near where our kids live, learn and play. Learn more at


Thank EPA for Helping Protect Us From Harmful Air Pollution

Go to to thank the EPA for taking a big step towards protecting communities and the climate from dangerous fracking-related air pollution — including methane and carcinogens like benzene.


Solutions Are Available to Reduce Oil and Gas Methane Pollution

Companies are providing the technologies and services needed to cut oil and gas methane pollution today. Colorado’s landmark methane rules show what’s possible using these cost-effective solutions.


Methane: Silent but Deadly

Methane pollution is no joke – it’s responsible for a quarter of the climate change we’re feeling today.


Methane Goes Hollywood

This awards season, he’s up for “Best Disaster” – and for good reason. Learn more and take action at


EPA is Moving to #CutMethane Pollution From Oil and Gas Development

The EPA is moving to #cutmethane pollution from oil and gas development across the U.S.


Aliso Canyon Methane Disaster 1 Year Later

Every day since the Aliso Canyon disaster started, and for many years before, methane pollution has plagued communities living near oil and gas facilities


FLIR Video Evidence of Oil & Gas Air Pollution in TX

A six-part series filmed and compiled by Earthworks for “The Human Impact of Methane Pollution In Texas,” a June 2017 report by the Texas Grassroots Network.


Methane Pollution in North Dakota (July 2017)

A ten-part film series revealing captured footage of leaking facilities in North Dakota on a FLIR camera, taken by a Certified Thermographer.